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    Read Before Posting Anywhere!


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    Read Before Posting Anywhere!

    Post by crystalxluke on Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:56 am

    You must read this over before posting, it's required.
    It's just a few rules.

    1. Respect not only the staff, but the members as well.
           People that fail to follow this rule will receive a warning. If it happens again, you will be unable to post. If you continue to harass people through personal messages or other media, you will be banned, no exceptions.

    2. No spamming or mini modding.
          Spamming is annoying and no one likes it. Mini modding is when you act as a mod and correct the members on everything they do that may be against the rules. That job is up to the staff members. If you have a problem with someone, send a message to a staff member.

    3. No posts on religion.
           This can lead to disorder and offend people, which is something we don't want. There is no warning for this; you will be banned if found doing this. Saying, "oh my God," does not count. Neither does, "God bless you."

    If you have a problem with a staff member, make sure to PM crystalxluke and Mitch☣. PM us both so we're aware of the situation!
    You have to have evidence before reporting anyone!

    4. Prohibition with any talk of gamergate and SJW.
           For anyone that doesn't know, gamergate is a group of people that believe "women are ruining games." SJW is a group against gamergate, but go to extreme levels. Both are not to be mentioned on any kind of level on Hyper, and people who speak of it will be banned on the spot. If you have further questions of either group, please private message Mitch☣.

    Follow these rules and you'll have a perfectly good time on Hyper.

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